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Better Than….Cheesecake

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Deep Dish Pie


Drippy Cakes Infused Ice-Cream

Cupcake-Infused Ice Cream. Fans and guests alike can enjoy their favorite Drippy Cake’s Cupcakes in a creamy artisan ice cream. Our amazingly delicious cupcakes are soaked in cream for two days before blending and passing through our world-class Danish gelato machine. The infusion of the cupcake and frosting creates a light, fluffy and silky texture. Each pint contains an entire cupcake infused in the ice cream, which is perfectly delightful even to the most discerning palette. Currently available in half pints of our classic flavors Rockin’ Red Velvet, Decadent Dark Chocolate, Casey’s Confetti and Peanut Butter Pizazz.


Gourmet Cookies