Who We Are

Our Story

How it all started.

It all goes back to a recession, box of cake mix and a dentist office. It was 2010, 2 years after the last recession where we had lost absolutely everything, our car, business, house and who we thought were our friends. It was a very difficult time trying to explain to our family how we had failed so badly. My wife and I went back to work for Starbucks where we had met. A year later, we knew we had to make some changes.

It All Started with Regina

I’m A Former Office Engineer Turned Baker.

I Began Making Cakes For My Fiance’, Who Has An Insane Obsession For My Homemade Baking Treats. So I Thought To Myself, Let Me Share My Joy Of Baking With Others To See If I Would Receive The Same Reaction. From There Drippy Cakes Has Taken On A Name Of It’s Own.

Here Came the Brick & Mortar

The search was on for a commercial space that we could fix up and bring to life my vision. After a couple of months of searching, I found a commercial space for rent in Norwalk and it was ours. Over the next couple of months,  we worked on cleaning up the space, designing our logo and working on our own recipes. We ran into a major issue with not having a place to bake our cupcakes since, by law, we were not allowed to bake out of our home. We booked our first event in Murrueta, an Irish color run. We were up all night baking 400 cupcakes and had just 4 flavors: lemon, vanilla, cookies & cream and strawberry.  We loaded up the truck and headed to our first event. We had no idea what to expect. Fortunately, it was a huge success and sold out of all 400 cupcakes.

Cozy and beautifully decorated

We are proud to say that Drippy Cakes is a vibrant space that will be hugely appreciated by the local community for many years. Located in the heart of CT’S SoNo, DRIPPY CAKES has finally opened bringing the DRIP to everyone.

Come visit us at our newly opened Brick and Mortar location located at 79 North Main Street, Norwalk, CT 06854! With over 65 different cake flavors, cupcakes, and cake infused gelato, we have something to match every flavor profile.

Come stop by and get ready for your Drippy Cakes!

Our customers
love us!

“…I just love Drippy Cakes for all the reasons you imagine! Awesome cafe and place! Great customer service and quality!…”


“…I just love Drippy Cakes for all the reasons you imagine! Awesome cafe and place! Great customer service and quality!…”


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